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Hi! I'm Savannah, a qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Speech and Language Therapist specialising in infant and paediatric feeding. I originally trained in South Africa and moved to the UK six years ago (and of course, like most foreigners, I have stayed on longer than planned). I have worked in feeding for the past eight years and currently work part-time for the NHS in both a neonatal unit and community team. I love my job and feel lucky to be able live out my passion. 

I have my masters in Advanced Paediatrics and am trained in the SOS approach to feeding therapy. 

To me, feeding and mealtimes are so much more than food and nutrition. They are about about family, sharing, laughter, story-telling, love, community and bonding. This is the philosophy on which I base my practice. Just like walking and talking, eating is a learning process. Whether it is breastfeeding, bottle feeding or developing chewing, all types of feeding are a skill. Let me help you and your baby, toddler or child LEARN TO FEED!


lactation consultant, IBCLC, feeding therapist

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