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  • What happens at an initial consultation?
    Initial consultations typically last between 60-90 minutes. Before your appointment, you will receive a consent form and a case history form to fill in. This will help save some time during the appointment. During the appointment, we will go through your forms and I will ask you some questions. I will then watch your baby feeding. We will make some adaptions to feeding based on your goals and will spend the rest of the session discussing strategies and answering any burning questions you may have. After the appointment, you will get a feeding plan (so you don't need to remember everything we have discussed!)
  • Do Lactation Consultants help with bottle feeding?
    Yes! We see babies no matter how they are fed. I have supported babies who are: - Exclusively breastfed - Exclusively bottle fed - Fed a combination of breast and bottle - Fed via an NGT
  • I have some quick and short questions about my baby's feeding. I don't need a full initial consultation. What are my options?
    I provide IBCLC in your pocket which is text / Whatsapp based support. You pay per week and I will respond to any questions you have within 24 hours. We can also arrange a telephone call to answer shorter questions.
  • Do you have any packages?
    Yes, we can arrange bespoke packages for you at a discounted rate. Let us know what you are looking for and we can put something together. Some examples of packages are: - 1 antenatal feeding session + 2 postnatal visits - 2 postnatal visits + 1 weaning support session - 2 postnatal visits + 3 telephone reviews - 2 postnatal visits + IBCLC in your pocket for 2 weeks
  • What weaning support do you provide?
    We provide 1:1 weaning sessions for children under 1 year. These could be individual sessions before you start weaning (to prepare) or to problem solve if weaning isn't quite going as planned. If you're little one has not moved onto solid foods and is over 1 year of age, they will need a full feeding assessment. See feeding therapy for more information.
  • What happens in feeding therapy?
    The way that feeding therapy is structured depends on your child's needs. If your child has a diagnosis of dysphagia, feeding therapy will need to be bespoke based on your child's difficulties and your goals. This will be discussed following assessment. Feeding therapy for fussy eating consists of two options: 1. Parent Coaching only: Parent coaching is done virtually and includes 6 sessions of learning and implementing strategies and discussions on how you can support your child's feeding. 2. Direct Therapy Sessions: Direct therapy is done in two parts: Food Play Sessions and Parent Coaching. Food Play Sessions: During these sessions, the therapist works together with you and your child. We will play with various foods to move your child up the Steps to Eating. The Steps to Eating help to moved foods towards the mouth in a fun but structured manner. Food play blocks are typically weekly 12 weeks. Parents Coaching: You must have parent coaching together with food play sessions. Parent coaching is done virtually and includes 6 sessions of learning and implementing strategies and discussions on how you can support your child's feeding. We provide this virtually either alongside food play sessions or before food play sessions begin.
  • How many sessions will my child need?
    If your child has dysphagia, the number of sessions will be discussed with you after assessment. If your child is a fussy eater, you may opt for the Parents Coaching Only (6 weeks) or the Direct Therapy. Direct Therapy consists of 6 weeks of parents coaching alongside a 12 week block of food play sessions. All food play sessions are provided in 12 week blocks. Some children only need one block while others may need multiple blocks. At the end of each block, we will discuss our recommendations for further input with you.
  • What do I learn in parent coaching?
    During parent coaching we will go through: - Why you child has feeding difficulties - Positioning during mealtimes - Family mealtimes and the importance of eating meals together (and how to fit this into your life!) - What language to use during mealtimes - How to do food play - Foods that are easier vs. more difficult - Oral motor skills and chewing development - AND MORE!
  • What food do I need to provide for the food play sessions?
    I am able to provide and prepare the food for the sessions if you would like. The costs of this service can be found on my Services page. If you opt to provide the food, I will send a list of foods to buy and prepare each week. I will send a few options in case you can't find something in the shop. You will need to prepare it and have it all in a bag ready for the session.
  • Why can't I book feeding therapy online?
    Before we can offer feeding therapy, we need to assess your child's needs. This helps us to understand what the underlying problems are and which therapy your child would benefit from the most. If you would like feeding therapy, please book an initial assessment. If your child has already been seen for an initial assessment elsewhere, please email us the report and we can arrange the appropriate therapy.
  • How much does feeding therapy cost?
    If your child has dysphagia, the number of sessions will be specified following the assessment. Each therapy session costs £150. If your child is a fussy eater, you have the following options: 1. Parents Coaching Only: Includes: 6 virtual sessions Price: £540 2. Direct therapy: Includes: 6 virtual parent coaching sessions + 12 play therapy sessions Parents provide food Price for parent coaching: £540 Price for play sessions: £1800 Total price: £2340 Therapist provides food Price for parent coaching: £540 Price for play sessions: £2880 Total price: £3420 Payments can be made upfront or weekly. *These costs are subject to change, the most up-to-date costs will be on the services page of our website.
  • When do I pay?
    Most of our services can be booked online, however, if you would like a weekend / evening time slot or therapy sessions, you can only book by contacting us. In this case, we send out invoices for sessions together with session confirmation. Payments need to be made prior to the appointment. Please see our T&Cs for more information. We can offer payment plans if needed.
  • What ages do you work with?
    I work with newborn babies up to children who are 12 years of age. *Note that older children need to be accepting of having therapy for it to be effective. If your child doesn't want to access therapy, you can still access parent coaching which can make a huge difference in your child's feeding journey!
  • Do you provide any evening or weekend appointments?
    Yes, we are able to provide some evening and weekend appointments. If there are no slots available online, please contact us.
  • Do you provide gift vouchers?
    Yes, we can provide you with gift vouchers for any of our services.
  • Do you offer groups?
    We are able to provide groups for: - Antenatal infant feeding sessions (by demand) - Parent coaching sessions Contact us to be put onto the waiting list or for more information on our next upcoming group.
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