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Food Play Activity: Food Art

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Food play is great for helping fussy eaters explore and learn about new foods. Our 10 Top Tips for Food Play may be helpful to read alongside this post.

Level: Easy - Medium

What you will need:

The Activity:

  • Gather everything that you will need.

  • First you will need to set up your art station. Help your child place the hummus into the small pots or egg cartons. This will be used as the glue. You can rip the bread into pieces and crush the crisps or break them into smaller pieces. Place them into different pots or egg cartons based on size. The parsnip will be used as a paintbrush for the yoghurt.

  • Let your child choose which pictures you will both use to make your artwork.

  • Model picking up different food items from the pots and using your fingers or ear buds to smear on some hummus. Use the hummus to stick the food items onto your pictures (try stay in the lines!)

  • Show your child that they can also use their parsnip to paint on their picture using the coloured yoghurt.

  • To make this activity more difficult, show your child how to stick the items or how to paint on your body, face or tongue. You are now the work of art...

Written by: Savannah Senior and Hafsa Karim

food plat; fussy eaters; food art

What food art have you tried?

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