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Food Play Activity: Let's Go Fishing!

Updated: Jan 18

Food play is great for helping fussy eaters explore and learn about new foods. Our 10 Top Tips for Food Play may be helpful to read alongside this post.

Level: Easy - Medium

What you will need:

The Activity:

  • Gather everything that you will need.

  • Talk through all the items with your child, explaining that today you will be going fishing for sea creatures and fish! The clear plastic box or bucket will house your sea; the pasta will be your fish or sea creatures and the sieve / strainer / slotted spoon will be your fishing rod.

  • Help your child to fill the clear plastic box or bucket with water.

  • Model picking up a ‘fish’ (dry pasta pieces) and putting it into the 'sea' (water).

  • Encourage your child to have a turn selecting their 'fish' and placing it into the tub of water. Put as many 'fish' as you would like into the 'sea.'

  • Talk about the colours, shapes, size, patterns and numbers of fish that you see. Do they sink or float?

  • Show your child how you can make the 'fish' swim, splash, jump, dive and spin in the water.

  • Next, try the above with the cooked pasta. If your child finds the wetter texture too difficult to touch, they can use a spoon to place the cooked pasta 'fish' into the 'sea' or they can remain on the dried pasta.

  • Once all the 'fish' are swimming in the 'sea', use the sieve / strainer / slotted spoon to catch them.

Written by: Savannah Senior and Hafsa Karim

food play; fussy eater; ARFID

What food play activities have you tried?

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