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Food Play Activity: Making a Town

Updated: Jan 18

Food play is great for helping fussy eaters explore and learn about new foods. Our 10 Top Tips for Food Play may be helpful to read alongside this post.

Level: Medium

What you will need:

The Activity:

  • Gather all the things that you will need.

  • Explain to your child that you are going to make a town or city. The cheese cubes and carrot rings will be the bricks for your buildings. The custard will the cement to help you stick the pieces together. The Cheerios or Shreddies will be the decoration for the buildings or anything else such as trees, cars, buses, lights, people, dogs etc. The pieces of bread will be used as the road which can connect all the buildings. Create the town on the chopping board or splash mat so that it can be easily cleaned up.

  • Start by making the buildings. Show your child how to smear some custard onto the cheese cubes or carrot rings and stick them together. You can use your fingers to smear the custard or the ear buds.

  • Next show your child how to create the roads. Rip the bread into smaller pieces and pave the way from building to building.

  • Last, use the custard to stick the Shreddies or Cherrios onto the buildings as decoration or place them around the town as trees, cars, lights or anything else you can think of!

  • While building the town, talk about the different types of buildings that you are making i.e., tall, short, wobbly, wide

  • Encourage your child to come up with their own ideas of what the town needs.

  • If your child is struggling to touch the foods, they can use the tweezers to handle the food. You can also keep a face cloth or towel nearby in case your child needs to wipe their hands.

Written by: Savannah Senior and Hafsa Karim

Food play; Fussy eaters; fun with food; ARFID

What food play activities have you tried?

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