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Food Play Activity: Washing Cars

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Food play is great for helping fussy eaters explore and learn about new foods. Our 10 Top Tips for Food Play may be helpful to read alongside this post.

Level: Medium

What you will need:

The Activity:

  • Gather everything that you will need.

  • First you and your child will need to prepare the car wash. Help your child pour the orange juice into one bucket and water into the other. Place some sponges into the orange juice bucket and some into the water bucket. The liquorice sweets will be used after washing to 'shine' the cars.

  • Each choose a car to wash. Model dunking your car into the orange juice and use the sponges to wash it. Encourage your child to do the same. They can wash their car in many ways - dipping into the orange juice; rubbing it with the sponge or their fingers; or flicking the orange juice onto the car.

  • Next model putting the car into the bucket of water. Swish it around and rub it with the sponges.

  • Dry the car with the face cloth or towel.

  • Show your child how to rub the car with the liquorice sweets to shine it.

  • Repeat this process with as many cars as you like.

  • To increase the level of difficulty you can try offering different coloured drinks to wash the cars. Lighter drinks (orange, yellow) tend to be easier while darker drinks (green, blue, pink, purple) tend to be more difficult. Also think about the temperature of the drink! To get inspiration, have a look at the smoothies or fruit juices in your local supermarket.

Written by: Savannah Senior and Hafsa Karim

food play; fussy eaters; ARFID

What drink did you use for this activity?

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