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What Baby Clothes Do I Need?

Not a traditional topic to find on a feeding blog but all the spit up and nappy changes in those early days mean that you'll need to know the easiest and most convenient clothing items. This will save you time amongst all the chaos (and feeding). Expert Ghadir from Prima Cotton UK helps answer the question, 'What baby clothes do I need?'

Welcoming a newborn into the world is an unparalleled joy, marked by tender moments, endless cuddles, and the promise of a beautiful journey ahead. As parents preparing to embrace your newest member of the family, there's an innate desire to ensure every detail is perfect for your little one's arrival. From the practicality of gowns to the stylish functionality of bibs, it can be difficult to know where to start. To lay the foundation of a cosy and nurturing environment for your baby, here are six must-have pieces:

  • Gowns are not merely pieces of clothing but invaluable assets for new parents navigating the world of diaper changes and late-night dressing rituals. Their design offers easy access to diaper changes with convenient open bottoms. This eliminates the need for fumbling with buttons or zippers during sleepless nights. Beyond functionality, these gowns are soft and comfortable on delicate newborn skin. 

baby clothes for nappy changes

  • A Kimono Short-Sleeve Bodysuit is another practical piece for your baby. The innovative side-snap closure allows for easy outfit changes and eliminates the need to pull anything over your baby's head. This simple yet ingenious feature ensures comfort to babies during those frequent changes.

baby clothes

  • A Cosy Blanket is the next must-have item to add to your list. Although not really an item of clothing, it plays a vital role in keeping your newborn warm and secure during those precious snuggle sessions and on those colder days & nights.

baby blanket

  •  Hats play a crucial role in regulating your little one's body temperature. Not only does it help keep your baby warm, but they can add a touch of style to your baby's outfit. 

baby hat

  • The Practical Bib is an indispensable accessory for any parent! Not only do they offer protection for your little one's adorable outfits but they also keep your baby's clothes nice and dry as they effortlessly catch dribbles and spills.

baby bib

  • A Soft Burp Cloth is designed for managing post-feeding spit-ups and offers a reliable shield against messes. 

baby burp cloth

Prima Cotton Baby Shop curated a collection of these must-have items where convenience meets charm in perfect harmony. Elevate your baby's wardrobe with our thoughtfully selected newborn essentials, making every moment a sweet note in the melody of early parenthood. 

Written by Ghadir from Prima Cotton

baby clothes

What's on your must-have list?

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